The universities we work with are changing the world for the better which is why we appreciate working with them so much. And our university customers work with us because we support them at every stage of the funding process and help achieve their goals. Using RESEARCHconnect, our users are discovering numerous national, European and international funding opportunities which transform into millions of pounds of support. These projects would not have been possible without funding and we are proud to have acted as the bridge connecting these projects to grants.

Many of these relationships have grown to be valuable ongoing partnerships which help us shape and develop our products and services in a way that works best to benefit our users in the long term.

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Bundeswehr University Munich and Hamburg on maximising their research potential and securing over €43 million in funding with RESEARCHconnect

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University of Groningen on using RESEARCHconnect to identify new, less known funding programmes

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University of Aberdeen on carrying out fast, targeted funding searches in a matter of minutes via RESEARCHconnect

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DZNE on using RESEARCHconnect to stay informed about funding not only from national and EU sources, but opportunities beyond the continent


Dr Jacob Sweiry, Head of Research Metrics, Office of the Vice Provost (Research), University College London

"We took the decision to put out a tender for an online research funding opportunities tool following an internal survey of requirements, and the expiration of our subscription to another provider. Our key criteria were capability to search for up-to-date funding opportunities, sharing of information across defined groups and the wider communities at UCL, and to deliver these in a cost-effective manner. RESEARCHconnect delivered on these key properties.

As we move forward in developing our research management information systems, flexibility in the integration of funding opportunities tools into our systems is of fundamental importance. Here again, Idox indicated their willingness to work with us to explore our requirements and to support the development of this integration."



Anders Stenström, Director, University of Borås

"Securing external research funding will continue to be instrumental in order to sustain and further develop the research environment at UB. RESEARCHconnect offers the opportunity to find many national and international sources for funding across relevant research disciplines.

Weighing heavily in our evaluation of the database was the interface, allowing for quick and easy searching. Especially postdoctoral fellowships and travel grants are easily identified. The possibility of saving and sharing successful searches between individuals and research groups is anticipated to be particularly useful in our continued implementation of the database. Setting up customised email alerts is another function that ensures regular, updated feedback from the database.

Idox’s support and advice on how to use the tool and how to implement it in the organisation has been much valued by researchers and administrators alike."



Senior Lecturer and Research PI, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland 

"Within a short time I had identified three new possible sources of funding. The input of relevant information for a search is very well streamlined and it’s also very useful that the system saves searches and you can restore your previous search with one click on the next visit. Overall, the system is very easy to use and clearly a useful resource."






Rolf Klappert, Head of Grant Office, Université de Neuchâtel

"In a country with a very strong currency and in a region where industrial, export-oriented activities are crucial for the economic development, it is essential to identify tailored funding opportunities for research and innovation that will contribute to maintaining and enhancing competitiveness. This holds true for the academic but also for the industrial sector and in particular SMEs. The RESEARCHconnect service helps us, the Research and Innovation Department of our University, to discover new and interesting funding opportunities to be shared with the researchers of our institution and also the private sector in our region."



Kirsty Metcalfe, Research Support Officer, Teesside University

"We found the coverage of research funding calls and opportunities on RESEARCHconnect to be excellent, and this was a key factor in our decision to take a subscription.

We have found RESEARCHconnect to be easy and intuitive to use, combining a user-friendly interface with useful features and functionality for reports, searches and individual/group email alerts.

We now use RESEARCHconnect to disseminate a weekly bulletin of new funding calls across our university, and to run tailored funding searches for our academics and research groups."



Karen Lewis, Research and Strategic Bidding Manager, The University of Northampton

"As a previous Times Higher Education Outstanding Research Management Team of the Year we recognise the value of up-to-the minute and accurate funding information. When evaluating all available services, we chose GRANTfinder 4 Education and RESEARCHconnect for its breadth of grants across both research and development and wider university projects. Access to all the funding opportunities we need in one place."



Sue Stevenson, Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Officer, Leicester Hospitals Charity

"GRANTfinder and RESEARCHconnect provide me with an efficient and effective way to identify funding opportunities. They cover the full scope of the Charity’s work whether that’s looking for research funding or funding for a wide range of projects. The Knowledge Exchange supports this with the policy behind the request for funding and keeps track of where policy changes happen. This keeps us updated with the latest thinking – invaluable at all levels of the organisation.

I would like to mention in particular the benefits of RESEARCHconnect and sharing information with colleagues. I work closely with the Research and Innovation Directorate and have a particular focus on innovative research – which doesn’t attract any statutory funding and, therefore, needs to identify other sources of funding. Having this tool has helped me to build relationships with clinicians, research leads and others, and will mean more colleagues will have the opportunity to source funding.

The Research Help Desk – just one of the many supports available to us – has been great and really helpful. It has given me the assurance that timely answers are only a phone call or email away."



Tina Rucigaj, Business Secretary, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

"Very satisfied with RESEARCHconnect –
I think that the added value of this product, besides saving time, is the additional information about specific calls that you cannot find elsewhere."



Gill King, Funding Opportunities Officer, University of Hull

"Our decision to subscribe to GRANTfinder 4 Education and RESEARCHconnect was influenced by the wide range of content available through the system, its ease of use, presentation of information and the ability to share information quickly and easily. Users are benefitting in a variety of ways from the system’s functionality and flexibility of use, as well as the range of opportunities contained within it, from local to EU level and beyond."



Lucy Scott, Post Award & Grants Officer, Leeds Beckett University

"After using PIVOT for a number of years our contract was coming up for renewal. We decided to look at the current market provision as we did not feel the service we had was meeting the needs of our researchers. We requested a trial of *Research (formerly known as ResearchResearch), a system we had previously used, as well as a demonstration of GRANTfinder 4 Education, being particularly drawn to the new RESEARCHconnect model. After both a trial and a meeting with the team we were convinced that this was the system for us – the 3-module package demonstrated not only met our needs in terms of purely academic funding (RESEARCHconnect), but also the opportunities in terms of collaboration and joined-up working provided by GRANTfinder.

We have recently taken the decision to renew our GRANTfinder 4 Education licence for a third successive year as we remain impressed by the breadth of content found across the funding database, and find the tools available for sharing and acting on opportunities intuitive and easily navigable. The number of academic staff actively engaged with the platform continues to grow, with analytics of use identifying identification of large scheme opportunities alongside more localised smaller pots of funding through the system. Centrally we are using the service to horizon scan and produce briefings for future funding opportunities and disseminate opportunities in a much more targeted manner. Feedback is highly positive as we continue to roll the system out across our academic community."


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