Wellcome Trust Launches Data Re-use Prizes


The Wellcome Trust's Data Re-use Prizes are intended to stimulate and celebrate the innovative re-use of data. There are two prizes on offer, each based on a topic of strategic importance to Wellcome, namely antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance and malaria. Entries have to generate a new insight, tool or health application from data available in the open data resources, the AMR Register and the Malaria Atlas Project Repository of Open Access Data (ROAD-MAP).

Potential research questions entrants could explore for AMR are:

  • Predicting AMR trends and linking pathogen resistance data to morbidity and mortality burden, and health economic costs of AMR, eg connecting with the Global Burden of Disease initiative.
  • Supplementing national-level data from low- and middle-income countries with industry-generated data to identify gaps in capability and capacity in those countries.
  • Integrating diverse surveillance datasets to develop a harmonised and comprehensive public health approach, eg connecting with WHO GLASS.

Potential research questions suggested by ROAD-MAP include:

  • Exploring novel explanations for unattributed residual malaria transmission present in ROAD-MAP’s statistical models.
  • Novel approaches to ‘down-scaling’ of areal incidence data provided by MAP for three endemic countries where case totals (corrected for treatment-seeking and reporting biases) are available at a range of spatial scales.
  • Visualising the measures of uncertainty associated with MAP’s typical modelled outputs.

Individuals and teams from anywhere in the world can enter.

Winners of each prize receive £15,000. Two runners-up receive £5,000.

Applicants must register at two dedicated websites hosted by Synapse. Submissions for the AMR Surveillance Prize should be made by the deadline of 28 February 2019 and for the Malaria Prize by the deadline of 15 March 2019.