RESEARCHconnect allows you to get straight to the funding information that counts – helping you quickly identify which programmes you are eligible to apply for and when

RESEARCHconnect provides information on thousands of funding opportunities dedicated to the research community. Focused on researchers at all levels of academia – from undergraduates to senior career researchers – and also including a spectrum of funding opportunities for universities and research institutes, the service offers a comprehensive one-stop shop of funding information.

The opportunities featured cover a breadth of funders, including major international initiatives as well as national and regional opportunities making it easier than ever for users to find funding for their research projects. Updated in real time, the research funding portal connects academics and research teams with the most relevant funding opportunities. User-friendly and intuitive tools and features support this process.

At RESEARCHconnect, we help innovative research ideas become fully realised and make an impact on the world. We do this by connecting researchers to funding, providing consultancy and training support essential to the lifecycle of a project, and helping to develop research projects – no matter how big or small – to reach their full potential. At RESEARCHconnect, we help researchers push boundaries to lead the charge into a new frontier of research.


Backed by over 30 years’ funding experience

Easy dissemination of information to colleagues and other stakeholders

Content on the site updated in real time – as soon as we know about a funding opportunity, so do you

User-friendly and intuitive user interface

Email and news alerts – automatic updates on saved searches, alerting you to new or updated funds relevant to your research

Personal support on offer from our Research Help Desk and Customer Service teams to ensure you are using the service to its full potential

First-class copywriting expertise – taking often complex funding guidelines and presenting them in an easily digestible format


To learn more about RESEARCHconnect and the benefits it can bring, visit our Why RESEARCHconnect? page. Alternatively get in touch with us today and learn how we can help accelerate your funding success.  


Supporting you at every step of your funding journey