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Impacter focuses on improving the quality of grant applications as well as supporting researchers to identify potential research partners. The company was founded in 2016 in the Netherlands with the aim of helping researchers to improve the success rates of national and European research grant applications. Using artificial intelligence, Impacter provides immediate feedback on improving grant proposals. Impacter also maps proposals to information on over 250,000 successfully funded research projects from across the world, enabling researchers to connect with other researchers and organisations in their field.

Impacter for researchers

Checking the ingredients - Impacter checks if you covered all the topics about Impact

Uniqueness - we help you find how you are unique amongst 200,000 projects

Work with Word - get comments within your Word file under 60 seconds


Impacter for research support

Spend more time on content - we address the common pitfalls, giving you time for content

Grant matching - we match funding opportunities with publication profiles

Insights and Analytics - gather data out of the metadata of proposals


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